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How Can Packaging Play a Pivotal Role in Reducing Global Food and Product Waste?

The wastage of food is a significant problem in every period. The packaging is playing a vital role in reducing the wastage of food. The food and other products waste due to damage. The products did not preserve appropriately without packaging. The packaging boxes have overcome this problem. Escaping the products from costs is necessary. Let’s share how the packaging is protecting food and other products safely.


 Sustainability
The food boxes keep the food sustainable in the boxes. The primary function of the packaging is to protect the products for an extended period. The durable and lasting boxes keep the products safe inside the packaging. The sustainability of each product matters a lot. Otherwise, the goods and food will be wasted.


 Freshness
The other important feature of packaging is that products and food remain fresh. The customers always prefer to eat fresh food. You can also store beverages in beverage box packaging. The printed food boxes are getting popular among the customers and retailers. The food such as pizza, burger, bakery and other types of food are packed in fantastic and beautifully designed boxes. These boxes keep the food fresh until you eat the whole food. The freshness and taste do not destroy. Your food products do not waste. You can eat them with comfort.


 Eco-Friendly
The people are paying much attention towards the safety of the environment and surroundings. Therefore the people also give importance to the quality of the packaging boxes. The packaging is beneficial for the environment as well. The food will not waste, and the people will not throw the food products in their surroundings. The retail packaging of all types protect your environment.


 Health Issues
The people are facing many severe diseases in this modern and technical age. They are highly concerned with their health. The food without packaging is not preferable to them. The customers always prefer the food products in proper packaging. They think that food is protected and the quality did not damage. They purchase food packed in the boxes with peace of their mind. The printed design boxes attract them because some necessary information about the products is printed. The customers read and then decide to purchase after their satisfaction.


 Originality
The other benefit of the packaging is that the uniqueness of products does not change. The food and other products will reach to you as you think about them. The packaging keeps the things in their original shapes and taste. You do not need to get worried about wastage of products in summer and winter as well. You can see your desired outcomes in window packaging. You can also get print food boxes in window style according to your choice. What the see-through packaging is getting popular among the customers.


 Customization
You can also protect your products in your customized boxes. The custom boxes are available in protecting your products. You can design custom printed boxes as per your demands. The technical and impressive printing styles are offered to facilitate you. You can design and print these boxes in different events such as on birthdays, anniversaries, college parties, bridal showers and New Year parties. The customization for wholesale boxes is giving marvelous benefits to the customers and all the brands in such kind of occasions. The printed design of boxes with some wishes will make your friends and family happy. Your gift will be stand out among all due to impressive designing and printing. The food items and other products will remain safe. You will enjoy your food with original taste and freshness. The environment will also be protected.


 Durability
The durability of packaging is essential in keeping the products safe and sound. The high-quality material of boxes will not affect the quality of your food. If you use the stuff of low-quality in packaging, then your food will get damage. Try to use durable boxes for your products.

How to Make Boxes of Chocolates?

The word ‘chocolate’ lights up faces of everyone whether you are a 5-year-old or you are in your 50s, chocolates make everyone happy. The warm and beautiful packaging, the shiny and smooth texture, the colors and the spark it all make chocolate more exciting. The shiny and deep colors of personalized chocolate boxes represent the happiness of the buyer or the receiver of the chocolates, so when you are a brand that manufactures chocolates, it is up to you to make someone’s day! Create beautiful and attractive custom packaging for chocolates in the following ways:


Find the right shape
Chocolate packaging design requires you to determine a size first. Now you may be making expensive chocolates and expensive flavors and blends in them that comes in small boxes, or you might be making chocolates that are brought in a large number, in any case, you know the size and what quantity you are selling in each pack, so you want to decide on the shape of the box, go wild hunting for ideas and anything you think of is possible, leave it all on the manufacturer!


Find the right size
Size comes right after the shape, see what extent looks best in shape you have chosen, and if it fits the portion size, you are selling. It should not be too big to make the buyer lose interest, and it shouldn’t be too small not to catch their attention, play with different sizes and experiment to find a perfect size. Chocolate packaging ideas can be applied to any shape and size.


Shortlist designs and materials
Now that you know the size and shape, it is easy for you to choose the material. See what type of materials are best for chocolate packaging and make a list. Usually people like fancier packaging and something that looks gorgeous, so whatever material you choose should be able to watch pretty and attractive after all the customization has been done and most importantly it should be the type of material that is easily customized. When you have that figured out, short list materials from the list and keep 3 to 4 options.

Premium or regular?
Are you selling premium chocolates or something ate every day? Because packaging of regular chocolate is fun and cute but premium chocolates are darker, duller and they leave more work on the flavor and texture of the chocolate instead of the packaging. Premium chocolate packaging is very glamorous and sometimes just plain with taste and branding. Chocolate packaging suppliers have solutions for all types of chocolates whether premium or regular.


Get samples and quotes from manufacturers
Manufacturers of the customized packaging are very generous in giving out examples to show you what they can provide you, reach out to as many manufacturers as you want and fetch samples from them. Get materials, textures, finishes and price quotations for all of them from the manufacturers. Chocolate packaging supplies aren’t just boxes; there are box liners and foils and other related things that are also customized along with the packaging. Now, you have the shape, size, shortlisted materials, quotes and samples from the manufacturers and your packaging is in the final stages!


Try to get a 3D model designed first
Once you have figured and filtered the manufacturer for your packaging, you must be very sure that they are the one for the job. Discuss your requirement with them and see if they can provide you with a 3D model or models for you to see how it will look like physically. Once you are satisfied with what it looks like, you can ask them to deliver you the samples.


Test run the samples
Chocolate packaging materials are to be tested as well as the design, take the samples and put your chocolates in them. Take photos and see how they appear in printed and on screen. Does it suit your product or is there anything you want to be changed? Do you think that this packaging will retain the shape and size of the chocolate? If yes, time to get the boxes!


Make changes and finalize
Make whatever little changes required and get your boxes manufactured!

Printing Tie Boxes That Creates your Brand Awareness

The most significant challenge a business may face is that people are unaware of its presence. It is essential that people know about the brand and become famous. If you want to earn the trust and money from buyers, they must understand all the necessary elements that are incorporated into your product with the help of tie boxes wholesale. Tie brands awareness is essential, and the printing of tie boxes can take this business to a new level.


Beautiful and elegant designs
Luxury tie brands provide their customers a wide range of tie box packaging, however without a beautifully designed packaging ties will not be that appealing to the customers. Therefore, if you are an established tie brand or a new business, sophisticated tie boxes are required to secure the expensive products and to strengthen your tie line. There are many ways to develop mind-blowing tie designs, but the primary element must be a traditional image of the case. Ties are a symbol of class and tie boxes wholesale which a brand prints for them have to reflect the high standards.


Reflecting the design and fabric through packaging
Handmade tie packaging is quite in fashion these days, and it is considered elegant because most of it is made of cardboard and decorated with fabric. Also, such designs made by hand are appreciated because customers feel special while buying these ties. Your ties will be recognized as a high-class brand. And regular customers will bring it to the awareness of their friends. Also, you need to advertise through media the uniqueness of your boxes the forties. These boxes can be printed along with windows and several compartments making it a complete ties accessory box. Some brands use velvet padding, and it communicates a high level of elegance to the customers. Another way of sharing the quality of product with potential buyers is to put a piece of same fabric used in the tie on the box. Spread awareness about your relationships in innovative ways.


Printing to the point information on the package
The focus on brand recognition is to make it more noticeable among all people, and the data about every positive thing in a brand must be communicated to the customers through printing custom tie boxes. All the values of the company, fabric details, the origin of the cloth used in ties and retailing price must be printed on the tie boxes UK to develop trust in the minds of customers. Make your brand and the information recognizable to the buyers through the necessary printing of boxes and advertisement boxes are also made for different purposes to print adds the forties. Use a story to link with your brand it makes the clients think that the tie is an old classic.


Designing and printing gift tie boxes
Printed Tie boxes intended for gifts are very popular. Your tie brand has to spread awareness about them too. Print leaflets to let people know that you are providing gift boxes as well. Most people would want to gift their friends with exquisite ties but still, want a unique packaging that makes their gift unique. For such population, you have to design a box and tell the box manufacturers that you aim to attract all kind of customers. Do not scare the buyers by making it look costly, let them feel comfortable and explore the boxes with trust.


Make new customers through printing a unique label
Labels are significant when it comes to the passion of ties. Men like to see masculinity in the tags as well. Thus print the tie labels quite carefully, they must reflect the masculine image through the words and printing style. No one will look at the tie box that looks girlish, make the men aware of that these ties reflect their youth and strength. Everyone wants to look dashing while wearing a tie, invoke that feeling.

How Can Packaging Replace Plastic Wrap in The Future?

When we look around in the packaging industry we can already see how drastically paper based and recycled packaging has taken over plastic. Plastic not only is harmful for the community on small scale, it imposes bigger threats to the environment overall causing pollution and what not. Custom packaging made of cardboard and Kraft can be used for almost all types of packaging. The packaging made of Kraft and cardboard is easily used to fulfill every type of packaging needs. Custom boxes can replace grocery products and the packaging such as major cat food brand uses plastic that causes pollution.f:id:gocustomboxes:20170914150450j:plain

Where people are gaining awareness of the harms of harmful material on health and environment, packaging that is biodegradable and recycled must be use and the use of cheap Kraft packing boxes must be promoted.

Custom packaging manufacturing industries offer cheaper and better solutions

It is true that the plastic wrap has its own benefits and ease in use but the harm that it causes are long lasting. Custom printed boxes are made of materials which are not harmful and they are highly customizable. Such packaging is also visually more appealing as well as more practical compared to plastic wrap. The packaging supplies manufacturing companies and industries provide packaging solution in the same cost and offers better quality solutions. When a brand shifts to custom cardboard packaging from the plastic packaging, it gets better quality packaging that what it was getting before. Another benefit of box packaging is that such custom packaging boxes are more practical, customers love boxes over plastic bags and wraps as they find them easy to handle, easy to stack and store and easy to recycle or reuse.


Kraft packaging has endless benefits compared to plastic packaging

Customized boxes are carrying no harms and are burnable, Kraft, corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes are used in many industries for packaging, storage, shipping and retail boxes and packaging. These materials are easily customized into beautiful and appropriate packaging well suited to the type of merchandise a company is producing. Custom boxes online are available and every day a new technology is being introduced in printing, customization and die cutting to make the packaging more appealing and resourceful. It is not just the big brands that are turning to eco friendly packaging; custom boxes for small businesses are also manufactured where such small scale startups are investing in good quality packaging in small quantities.

Replacing Plastic wrap with custom packaging

Custom boxes with logo are no doubt a better option for any business at all. When the packaging is offering endless possibilities in customization, this itself is a merchandiser’s dream come true. You can play around with the design and try several types and choose from samples before finalizing one of them. Custom packaging printing on Kraft and similar good quality material is available in many finishes and delivers the exact colors you need. With the availability of that it is possible to replace plastic packaging and plastic wrap with custom boxes for business.


Where to get cost effective custom packaging

You can find one of the best retailers and wholesalers of custom packaging box online. While buying or ordering from them you can save up on a lot and get the best solution for the retail packaging that is not harmful and even more convenient and practical than harmful materials.

3 Things That Make Your Custom Made Cardboard Boxes More Attractive

In recent years, custom cardboard packaging has been gaining popularity since the brands have understood the importance of giving a memorable experience to their customers to boost their business. Brands are now focusing more on finding new ways to improve customer experience along with branding and marketing. In this way, branded and experienced packaging come into play, that has a huge impact on the customers and brands as well.


Now, almost every brand prefers custom cardboard boxes over the dull and boring brown boxes to store, protect or transport their products. But now the competition is tough and every business owner is looking for the unique ideas and ways to make their packaging more attractive, this is why uniquely designed custom printed cardboard boxes are very popular as they look spectacular while holding the products with style. You can make the customer’s experience more exciting just by choosing by choosing the right size, type and right things. Things! Yes right things. Read on to find 6 things that can make your custom made cardboard boxes more attractive while delivering a complete brand experience.


The printed custom cardboard boxes beautifully hold products and deliver brand’s message to the customers. That’s why cardboard boxes wholesale has increased and brands are likely to use beautifully designed custom printed boxes for packing and shipping their products. There are several options for printing cardboard boxes. 


Most Common Printing Options

  • Off set printing
  • Flexography
  • Digital printing

Printing on the brown kraft paper or cardboard box is difficult or it might not give the desired results you want from custom packaging. So, many retailers or brands use white boxes for fine results and printing. Flexography and digital printing are more popular as they offer high quality graphics which made the packaging more attractive.

Pre-printing is another way of cardboard boxes printing. It can be accomplished through printing on liner board, laminating paperboard and with the litho labelling.

2.Hot Foil Embossing

Another thing that can make cardboard boxes more attractive is the hot foil embossing or stamping. Similar to the engraving, it is a process that is used to give a make a beautiful packaging design and printing by using heat, metal dies, pressure and foil film. It shows that no ink is used in this process so the colour of paper or print will remain the same. This method is used to print beautiful image or brand name in the custom cardboard boxes in different colours or finishing. Nowadays, metallic foil is widely used. particularly silver, gold and holographic metallic foils with shiny and matte finishing highlighting the brand name and products.


3.Custom Printed Tissue Papers

Customer satisfaction is crucial for every brand to grow its customers and business and it cannot be achieved just by offering quality goods. Now quality services and packaging are also important along with the quality of goods. So, quality and unique packaging have a great impact on the customers because its purpose is to give a memorable experience to the customers. In this way, brands are adding distinction to their packaging by using customized printed tissues.


Personalized tissue papers come in different colours, styles with multiple printing options. Wrapping your special products in custom printed tissue make them more exquisite and give an amazing unboxing experience to the customers. Moreover, they provide protection to the products. It is an affordable way to add more value and make packaging more attractive.

5 Ways to Turn Your Unhappy Customer into a Valuable Resource Using White Packaging Boxes

Wow! What a wonderful packaging of this product. Such kind of dialogues reveal the satisfaction and happiness of the customers. The achievement of the producer is to attain the happiness of customers. The producers should consider and take into account the complaints and choices of the customers. The product packaging and boxes are as significant as the product itself. The customers have the keen interest in the packaging and presentation of the concerned product. The sellers have multiple varieties of boxes and packaging. white packaging boxes are popular among the customers. There are a lot of manufacturers and suppliers focusing on white packaging boxes for wholesale in the market. Here are some key features to make distinguishable white packaging to turn unhappy customers into valuable resources.


  1. Striking Presentation

When a customer receives or purchase any product. The first look that captures the impression of the customer is the presentation of that relevant product. The custom white boxes with beautiful presentation can attract customers. The customers can enjoy a variety of white packaging boxes. The boxes and packaging presentation can be more attractive by applying theenacting colour scheme designing, advanced technology of printing, brand logo, features and ingredients of the product. The white boxes for gifts have uniqueness and impress exclusively to the customers. These gift boxes should be decorated and printed in such a way that the packaging will get more intention and attraction of the customers than the gift inside it. Similarly, the packaging of white boxes for wholesale and white packaging with lids for wholesale also matter. The supplier and producers can earn more profits by supplying at wholesale level with minimum cost.


    2.  Packaging Stuff

The white packaging material has value equal to the presentation and designing of the white packaging boxes. The material of the boxes and packaging must be of high standards. Your customers will not be happy if the product gets damaged due to your low quality material used in white boxes and packaging. The customers get annoyed if packaging is difficult and hard to unbox or open. The packaging should be of high quality and easy to open to make your customers happy.f:id:gocustomboxes:20170719192735j:plain

  1. Special Occasional Offers

A very important way to get the happiness of your customers is to offer them some special offers in white boxes for gifts and custom white boxes, small white boxes, and white boxes for wholesale regarding different occasions and events. The customers are more conscious and purchase more gifts in events such as New Year, Christmas, wedding ceremonies and birthday parties etc.The beautiful packaging with discount offers grab the customers towards your brand. Your brand and white packaging boxes will be more prominent and highlighted in the shelves of the store. The customers will be happier with decent packaging presentation at minimum and affordable cost. Similarly, some discount offers on shipment also increase the demand of your packaging at wholesale.


  1. Make Available online

The customers are not worrying and afraid to buy the products online. Now the customers feel comfortable and happy to purchase at sitting their destinations. You should make you more prominent in the world of internet by moving your customers towards online shopping. You should build the confidence among your customers. You have to make available the white packaging, gift boxes and all the variety regarding white boxes for individuals and wholesale in the market worldwide. The customers will be happy and satisfied by getting the desired packaging in their hands.

  1. Go Green

The customers are getting much aware about environmental safety. They prefer such products that are eco-friendly. You must focus on this factor while selling your products. The material of your boxes and packaging should be according to the environment. Your packaging should be made with recycling paper with different beautiful colours. This will make the product more decorative and in suitable for the environment. The white boxes wholesale and small boxes can be recycled.


These are different ways to make your unhappy customers in the valuable resource by using white packaging and white boxes in a cohesive manner. The customers are satisfied by getting the desired product in protected and enacting packaging with affordable prices. You can also make your brand prominent among the competitors in the market by improving the white packaging presentation. You can maximize your profits, happiness and satisfaction level of your customers. Your white packaging will leave a long lasting impression on the customers.

How Candle Packaging Is Playing A Vital Role In Candle Industry

Candles are used almost at every home for various purposes, some use it to make their home enlighten when electric supply is off while the others utilize it at some special occasion. A candle basically represents a feeling of being romantic. A candle light dinner is very common.
The busy schedules of people and advancement in technology have decreased the demand of the candles. Hence, candle manufacturing companies are now trying to boost their sales with the creation of extra- ordinary unique designs so that these can be utilized as a show piece.


Importance of Candle packaging
If you are a manufacturer, you might be aware of the importance of packaging. There is no alternate to an attractive packaging. Just like any other product in the market, a comfortable and appealing packaging is equally crucial for a candle. Below are the following points to describe its importance;
- Attraction
A perfect packaging is the one observed by more than 50% of people entering the retail store. The more attractive and impressive the candle packaging is, the more are the chances for it to be sold out. Note that “First impression is the last impression”, Candle packaging is the first impression that you create towards the customers.


- Gift
The candle is one of the gift item, brought by a larger number of people. It is suitable for every occasion i.e. even if it’s a birthday or wedding ceremony, Candle is an ideal gift. Another benefit that rises from offering someone candle as a gift is that free promotion is carried out i.e. the more people noticed it.
- Decoration piece
Candles are basically used at birthday parties and weddings as a decoration piece. These are areas where one can easily promote their Candle brand.


- Prevention
The candle is an item that can be melting easily and therefore a packaging that requires protection is needed. A candle packaging is a high quality if it adds a material to secure the candle wax from being melted.
- Competition
With enhanced advancement, the competition in various industries has increased. Candle manufacturing is among one of these. Now the only way to differ your candle from the other is its packaging. The right choice of the Packaging Company will boost your candle sales.


Making a candle is no rocket science. Just the careful boiling of wax on double boiler is all one has to do. The easy making of the candle, therefore, increases the competition in this industry. Window box packaging is a suitable one if you are targeting the candle as a gift.
Importance of Printed packaging
There is a big difference between a plain packaging and printed packaging. A printed packaging offers the following benefits to the manufacturer;
- Promotion
A printed packaging will help you in promoting your candle brand. An eye- catchy printing of logo and tagline of your candle manufacturing will let more people watch it. The packaging of the candle will depend on the size of candle you are offering. The packaging will also differ depending on the thickness of your candle manufactured.


- Retail store display
Candles are mostly seen on the shelves of the retail store, the more appealing packaging is used, and the more people will notice it. It can be considered as the life of a retail store display.
- Boost sales
With the utilization of printed packaging, there are higher chances of potential candle sales. For instance, if you have gifted a candle to a friend and lately that friend is looking to get some of them for their home use, he/ she will definitely have a look on the candle you’ve offered them.
Which is a suitable packaging for Candles?
A suitable packaging for candle is considered by looking at the following factors;
- Shape of the candle
- Size of the candle
- The thickness of the candle.
One of the widely used unique packagings for the candle is Windows box packaging. This packaging allows the customers to view the candle without a touch. The benefits of these packaging includes;
- Candle design can be viewed from outside.
- The candle does not exchange hands i.e. the quality of candle until purchased is maintained.
- More likely to be noticed from far.
- Mostly chosen for offering a gift.
Candle boxes can be customized with special support including; UV coating (To protect the wax from being melt), abrasion guard and lamination. Top ten brands of candles including pillar, scented, tea, and votive, etc. all use customized retail candle packaging to display their brand as they are aware of the importance of candle packaging.